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We Don't Die

Radio host Sandra Champlain discusses afterlife science and grief recovery with Dr Parisetti.

About a month ago, I received a courteous email by one Sandra Champlain asking me if I would be available for an interview with her radio show. I say “one” Sandra Champlain because at that stage she was an unknown quantity to me. I was later to discover that she is a well-known quantity to a lot of people – a very well-known one indeed. I am always surprised to see that even in the rarefied world of psychical research (and in the even more rarefied world of applied psychical research) there are still people I don’t know about.

To begin with, Sandra is a successful entrepreneur is the catering business. However, she happened to have trodden the same path many of us have – a path of study and discovery that led her to radically change the positions she had held for a lifetime. She writes:

"I’ve been a skeptic all my life. But a persistent fear of death and dying led me to research what I don’t know that might alleviate my pain. What I discovered, studied, tested and confirmed through those years has brought me so much purpose, understanding and peace that I now want to share it with everyone else affected by death and dying."

Sounds familiar? I bet it does, because – except from the initial fear of death – this has been pretty much the same path I myself have gone down: discovery, leading to study and reflection, and ultimately the desire to use the newly acquired knowledge for the benefit of others. Sandra’s bestselling book We Don’t Die – A skeptic’s discovery of life after death and her audio tape How To Survive Grief follow an approach very similar to mine, consistent with the broader continuing bonds approach which is bringing a much needed breath of fresh air to the world of grief counselling.

However, Sandra is also – and perhaps best – known for her popular radio show, distributed through a variety of channels. With 125 episodes, and counting, the show features lively, in-depth interviews with a broad range of guests, from worldwide celebrities like Drs Raymond Moody and Eben Alexander to perhaps lesser known but equally interesting researchers, mediums, psychics and experiencers.

I very much enjoyed talking to Sandra. She is an extraordinarily enabling interviewer, and I could clearly sense her genuine caring and desire to help. For anybody interested in hearing what we discussed, click here to hear my interview on the We Don’t Die Radio Show.

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