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Real Help for Grief

A collaborative effort under the aegis of the Forever Family Foundation produces a resource that can truly transform the fear of death and heal the pain of a loss.

It is with great pleasure that I announce that a major project I have been working on with the Forever Family Foundation has come to completion and is now available to the public.

The Forever Family Foundation is a nonreligious, not for profit, volunteer-based organisation strong of over 10,000 members worldwide which received the prestigious Top-Rated Nonprofit award in 2015. Its aim is to provide a forum where individuals and families who have suffered the loss of a loved one can turn for support, information, and hope through state-of-the-art information and services provided by ongoing research into the survival of consciousness and Afterlife Science.

I have been serving on the Foundation’s Scientific Advisory board for a number of years now, and participated in some of the events they regularly organise in the US. I am delighted to see how the organisation embraces the contemporary and very effective “continuing bonds” approach to grief recovery, and combines it with the promotion of a rational, evidence-based belief in life after life. This 8-minute video provides a concise introduction.

Love Knows No Death is now offered as the combination of a self-help workbook (based on proven and effective cognitive psychology techniques) AND of 30 video modules available for viewing online. The strength and effectiveness of this innovative approach come from the combination and mutual reinforcing of the written material and exercises contained in the book and of the information provided through the video modules. By purchasing the workbook, readers gain unlimited access to the online videos: after reading each chapter and completing the exercises, readers are then instructed to go online and watch the relevant video.

I think that it is particularly noteworthy that this whole initiative is entirely not-for-profit. I myself have invested well over two thousand hours of work in the development of the video course and in the writing of the workbook, and receive no remuneration whatsoever from the sales of the workbook. Dozens of the Foundation’s volunteers have contributed personal accounts, stories and comments on various drafts of the workbook. A smaller group of volunteer editors has worked tirelessly to transform my drafts into publishable material. The Foundation has invested considerable resources, including hiring a professional book designer and upgrading the IT infrastructure in order to host high-definition videos. The course is now offered at a mere 19.95 Dollars – the sole price of the workbook, available through Amazon – and all revenues from the sales go to the Forever Family Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation.

The experience of a couple of hundred people who had gone through the previous version of the course tells me that this approach can be very effective in healing some of the pain of bereavement. I believe that this updated, improved and expanded version can only do better, and I strongly encourage my readers to check it out.

Love Knows No Death: A Guided Workbook for Grief Transformation is available here.

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