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No Death

If you are in pain over the loss of a loved one and you may find comfort in exploring the evidence for life after life, you are welcome to this page.

If you are in fear of death – your own or a loved one’s – and would like to learn about the possibility of an afterlife, you are welcome to this page.

If you are open to the idea that our mind and consciousness are more than just our physical brain, you are welcome to this page.

If you are rational, inquisitive, critical, but you maintain an open mind and you are ready to follow the evidence wherever it may take you, you are welcome to this page.

If you are not afraid to put the word “science” and words like “telepathy” or “mediumship” in the same sentence, you are welcome to this page.

If you are open to the wonder, the utter fascination of a universe that is more than what we can see, touch, measure or explain, you are welcome to this page.

If, on the contrary, your religious or materialist beliefs force you to turn a blind eye on masses of compelling evidence, you are still welcome, but your time is probably better spent elsewhere.


Piero Calvi-Parisetti is currently a researcher at the parapsychology department of the University of Northampton (UK). A medical doctor originally specialising in Public Health and Disaster Management, after working extensively for the International Red Cross and the United Nations he was later a university lecturer for 17 years. In 2004, a simple anecdote narrated by his wife triggered an intellectual interest, at first, and then a true scholarly passion for psychical research, and in particular for the study of scientific evidence pointing to the survival of human personality of bodily death... 

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Translated into five languages, 21 Days into the Afterlife was hailed by NY Times bestselling author Michael Prescott as "Probably the best introduction I have seen to the survival hypothesis"..

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Developing a rational belief in life after life as a means to support grief recovery

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& Media

From the University of Long Island (US) to the University of Glasgow (UK) and the Swiss Institute of Noetic Sciences, from grief retreats to international conferences ans study days, Dr Parisetti has given talks, facilitated workshops, contributed to seminars...

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Articles on Afterlife Science, Grief and Bereavement
Real Help for Grief

A self-help manual that can truly heal the pain of a loss.

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Transform your fear of death

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The Truth About Near-Death Experiences

The phenomenon remains a huge challenge to materialism and is strongly suggestive of  survival.

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