Support Dr Parisetti's volunteer counseling service

As you probably already know, I am providing counseling to those in pain after the loss of a loved one, and to those in fear of death, based on my knowledge of afterlife science and with my background as a medical doctor and trained psychotherapist.

I do this on a limited scale and on a voluntary basis: I do not charge a fee for my services. A donation or other forms of support as mentioned hereafter are highly appreciated, but neither expected nor required. 

By supporting me, you allow me to dedicate more time to this activity, for which there is considerable demand. By helping me, you in fact help others who may be facing the same difficulties you are facing now and who do not have the resources to afford paying counseling services.

The easiest form of support is an anonymous donation. Just click on the PayPal button and donate any amount you wish - no amount is too small, any sum is greatly appreciated. 

Alternatively, you can purchase one or - ideally - a few copies of my bestselling book 21 Days into the Afterlife. If you buy more than one, you can donate your extra copies to people you know who may benefit from learning about the evidence for life after life. If you do purchase the book, please remember to leave a review on Amazon - this is essential to support the continuing popularity of this much appreciated book. 

Is there an afterlife? Does human personality survive bodily death? Scientific research and a colossal amount of compelling empirical evidence, gathered for over 150 years by some of the finest minds on the planet, seem to indicate that Clint Eastwood's 2011 movie Hereafter actually got it right. Consciousness indeed appears to exist independently of a functioning brain, and to extend well beyond the transition we call death. Written by a medical doctor, university lecturer and member of the Society for Psychical Research, 21 Days into the Afterlife makes the case for the survival hypothesis in a series of well-researched chapters, each one covering a different field of investigation.

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