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  1. Thank-you for all your research. My life has not been the same the night of the loss of my daughter, April 3rd, 2009. Young 27 and four months from marrying her soul mate of 11 years. She is so strong spirited with her amazing signs she still gives today and your book I am going to buy. “21 days into the afterlife” My daughter has left with me so much connection to her which I have journaled since my nightmare started. The loss of a child is the greatest you can ever go through. Shortly after that was the loss of my father, my rock in my eyes.I am a very open woman and I believe so strongly in the afterlife. Sincerely, Debbie Bragnalo

  2. On June 14th I lost the love of my life, Mila, to breast cancer. I have had a very hard time with this. I miss her so much… Nothing helped. But now I am about halfway though the course, and the idea that she can still hear me, still loves me, and is still with me gives me a lot of comfort and hope.

    This workbook is as good as it gets. It’s really, really good.

    • Jeff, thank you SO MUCH for these words. This puts everything into perspective and gives sense andmeaning to all we do with the Forever Family Foundation. Would it be too much to ask you to leave this as a comment on the Amazon.com page? This would help us a lot. Thanks again. Piero

  3. Dr. Parisetti, THANK YOU for what you have done. Incredible work! Yes, please feel free! I am involved with the FFF, and have been recommending your workbook to everyone I know.

    • Thank you again, Jeff. In fact, it would be ideal if you yourself left that comment on the Amazon page… Fondly. Piero

  4. I suddenly lost my wife of 32 years 8 weeks ago and have found your site and am nearing the end of your great course and it has helped me greatly ,and smith mow convinced she’s still with me can hear me and still loves me and knows how much I love her ,people should take great comfort that genuine medical professional doctors like yourself know and have confirmed this ….thank you so much .

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