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  1. Dear Dr Parisetti — I’m enjoying your article and writing one of my own on crop circles as part of a book on natural phenomena. I would therefore like to ask your permission to use your beautiful photograph of the crop circle appearing in your blog to illustrate my article; I’m happy to show you the page/chapter in which the photograph will be used.

    Kind regards, Peter

  2. Dr Dr Parisetti, I am currently reading your book Adventures in Psychical Research and find myself agreeing out loud with your rants on the materialist world view which sees consciousness as an epi-phenmenon of brain. I have a life long interest in psychical research and the evidence clearly indicates the falsehood of this hypothesis!

    I am somewhat disturbed that my daughter’s school education is perpetuating this materialist ‘hypothesis’ as fact and find myself arguing with her about this. She believes that what she is being taught in school is obviously factual and that her mother is a bit ‘fey’!

    I am deeply saddened by school education and its inability in science subjects to differentiate between fact and hypothesis. I wish that the factual, scientifically verified data on life after life would be presented to children, that the idea of consciousness arising from the brain is just that, an idea. How do we educate the next generation?

    • Dear Chloe,

      Thank you very much for your note. Yes – this is indeed a sad state of affairs! What age is your daughter? Do you think she could be bothered reading my “Pseudoscience” article in Adventures? Anyhow, I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


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