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  1. Dr. Parisetti, your book “21 days into the afterlife” is indeed the best book I’ve ever read on the afterlife and I’ve read many. Good solid evidence and easily understandable for the layman. I’ve already sent one gift copy to a friend and I’m sure I’ll be sending more. If everyone read this book I’m sure it would relieve any doubts about survival after death. great work and thank you.

  2. Hello Dr. Parisetti,

    I intend to order your book ( re 21 Days). I turned 86 this month and such subjects are of interest to me, of course. I have books by several authors such as Dr.Eben Alexander, Dr. Julia Assante, Dr.Dossey among others. And I enjoy reading your emails.

    One suggestion: I am among thousands who must phone in to get lnternet and cannot download long material. It would surely help if you could somehow send information via email or some other source. Just a thought.

    I have read your “bio” and respect all you have done and continue to do. You have surely helped many people.
    Thanks, John

    • Dear John, thank you very much for your kind comments on my work. If you sign up for my newsletter, you will be receiving all my articles by email, which makes it a lot easier to read them. Please click on this link in order to register: http://eepurl.com/NtH65

      Thanks again and let’s stay in touch.


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