3 comments on “We Don’t Die

  1. Thanks for the link, great interview! I began my path of discovery in a very similar way, and have come to the same conclusion, We Don’t Die!!! It’s refreshing and encouraging to see so many intelligent and level headed people who have come to the same conclusion as me. Reaffirms that I’m not crazy and it’s not just wish fulfillment. In another odd synchronicity Piero, I happened to stumble upon Sandra’s book last week online and I ordered it, even before reading your post. Look forward to reading it once it arrives!

  2. I can remember at least 2 other synchronicities since I started following your blog, first one I was reading a lot about crop circles, and the next week I visited your site to see you were in the middle of an entire series on crop circles, and a few months ago I had just finished Stafford Beatty’s new book, and the next week you posted an article about him and his new book. Third would be Sandra and We Don’t Die.

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