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  1. Very interesting stuff!! After reading the article that you referenced, the first story with the lights appearing inside the car and on the dash, reminded me of the spirit lights associated with the Scole group. The fact that these lights in the car seemed to be organized and have some order and intelligence to the them appears very similar to the spirit lights in Scole and other physical mediumship circles. Food for thought, maybe they are associated with an alien intelligence instead? or maybe what the Scole group experienced was in fact an alien intelligence? but to me what makes the most sense given the information and possible explanations, is that these lights could be spirit lights. The question remains why they appear so frequently in that area? and do they only appear to certain people whose consciousness has expanded enough at that moment to be able to perceive them?

  2. Hi, I’m from Germany, and kind of hobby-researching these phenomena in my home country. I didn’t think I would find much here when I began researching these “balls of light”, but man…

    E.g., I’m just reading a collection of rural legends from Bavaria, written in the early 1970s, which has many light objects, seen by witnesses as far back as the 1800s. Unlike the clearly made-up or embellished stories of ghosts and goblins in the book, these “legends” are often just reports of lights hovering in the air for hours, moving slowly, sometimes very fast. No story, no conclusion, just observations. And long before anyone had heard about UFOs or the Hessdalen phenomena.

    There seems to have been a similar phenomenon in the southern black forest at least in the 1970s. And of course, you might have heard about the “foo fighters” seen by many pilots, german and allied, during WW II.

    And maybe you could check out Gerhard Gröschel, a german UFO researcher (electrical engineer, very down to earth), who seems to have captured a few of them on video. He obviously wants them to be ETs, but he documents everything very objectively.

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