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  1. Thanks for the article link Piero, funny I was just reading about this case is Betty’s new book ” when did you ever become less by dying?” which is a great read as well!!

  2. Dr. Parisetti, whom I have never met, understands me very well. An article I published five days ago at The Huffington Post titled “The Looming Divorce Between Religion and the Afterlife” will confirm this.


    I consider myself a religious man, but my religion is based entirely on evidence; none of it is dependent on the teachings of any religion. Where do my convictions come from? From the nine major types of psychical research, poltergeist phenomena being one of the nine. All are analyzed in my new book “When Did You Ever Become Less by Dying? Afterlife: The Evidence.” A tenth type is so new to investigators like me that it didn’t even have a name until 2009. One of my colleagues named it “terminal lucidity”–the utterly remarkable and unaccountable return to clarity of mind by Alzheimer’s victims shortly before they die. Conventional medical science cannot account for the phenomenon. A new paradigm is needed.

    • Dear Dr Betty, thank you very much for your note. We have in fact met, albeit very briefly, at the Afterlife Conference in Portland, Oregon, in 2014. I’d be interest in knowing why you consider the Alzheimer terminal lucidity as belonging to a different class than the better-known deathbed visions. To me, they would appear as essentially the same phenomenon, manifesting itself in different circumstances. Thanks again.

  3. Hey drparisetti i think he putting death bed visions in a different spot is because that is when they meet there loved ones and the other one is like they wake up fro ma coma for no reason remember and know every thing that they have done in there life

  4. The difference is this. A deathbed vision involves seeing a spirit, something the rest of us cannot see. Terminal lucidity involves seeing with clarity what the rest of us see and communicating in the usual fashion, quite a feat for a dying person with a destroyed brain!

    Thanks for reminding me of our meeting!

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