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  1. Thanks for posting this fascinating docu Piero.
    Regarding the rejecters and the debunkers, I have come to believe that it’s all about fear of the unknown.
    We live in a society which demands clear cut answers about everything and the sceptics particularly seem terrified of a reality full of bizarre happenings and uncertainty.
    Their world of ‘scientism’ claims to have answers for almost everything and for the parts they admit to still be unknown, it’s a question of ‘promissory materialism’ (materialism will explain all at some future time).
    But voices from the dead from an old radio with the valves removed, and apports dropping from the ceiling….well it’s all so far removed from nuts and bolts reality that it’s easier to scream fraud than admit life as we think we know it, might itself be ‘fake’.

  2. Fascinating Documentary. Thanks!

    I agree heartily with, Dave.

    But I will say that I have no problem with skepticism per se from a philosophical and scientific standpoint skepticism is well… useful.

    With that said though Capital ‘S’ skepticism is undeniably a belief system. Related to atheism, materialism/physicalism and scientism (with a healthy or unhealthy dose of cynicism throw in). I believe it was Michael Shermer who called upon us all to hail the new priesthood, “the shamans of scientism”.

    When I think of committed materialists I’m reminded of Leon Festinger’s “When Prophecy Fails” and his cognitive dissonance theory . They are emotionally invested in their world view. Many of the most vocal and virulent of them are also financially invested as well as having their very reputations staked upon upholding the reductive materialist paradigm. No amount of sound Psi research or sound evidence for the existence of paranormal phenomena will be enough for them. How could it be? In the end, it’s not so much about skepticism, science or the scientific method as it’s about ontology. In many ways, it’s the same argument that’s been going on since Plato and Democritus.

    But we could all maybe take a lesson or two from the “S”keptic and not be too committed to our particular “truth”. There are too many questions left to be anything but humbled by the sheer volume of what we don’t know. But where the evidence is leading us in Physics, Psi research and Consciousness studies seems to show that Plato was in essence more or less right. I expect the hardcore Skeptics too double down before they relent. Its 2500 year old argument…

  3. bellissimo documentario, vorrei chiedere una cosa,alcuni scettici criticano fenomeni di questo tipo ( ad esempio la materializzazione di oggetti dal nulla) dicendo che va contro il principio di conservazione dell’energia, o 2° principio della termodinamica..e quindi sarebbe impossibile…qualcuno sa dirmi qualcosa a riguardo?. grazie

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