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  1. As someone who has been recording anomalous voice recordings for over 15 years, I would suggest that ITC or ‘device’ mediumship, is really ‘mental mediumship with an extension’, being more about the receptivity and preparation of the person, and less about the actual recording device. I have been fortunate to have documented, independently corroborated, messages from three ‘deceased’ family members, many years after their physical demise, speaking to me contextually (real time response to my concerns) in their unique human voice style, speech nuance, and personally recognisable phraseology. ~ rob

  2. I listened quite closely to Dr. Raudive’s recorded voices, with headphones, and was truly amazed at some of them. Of course, there were several whose utterances I probably would have had great difficulty understanding without explanation or “direction” (Class B), but they were certainly voices; and some I would rate as Class C. There were definitely voices that I understood and I believe which belong in Class A. To categorize them all as unbelievable or completely unclear causes me to wonder about Mr. Ellis’s hearing ability. It seems absolutely preposterous that he came to this conclusion after “45 years” of study and research!! Trinity College (and maybe others) must have had money to throw around on misguided research. No surprise there, I guess. Thank you, Dr. Parisetti, for bringing this recording to our attention. – Judith

  3. twice that I can remember I had voices speak to me, I was 12 yrs old playing with other kids, we found a .22 rifle hanging on a barn wall, we all played with it, when it was my turn I aimed it at one of the kids, she was 6 and was going to dry fire it. Just as I was going to pull the trigger I heard such a voice in my head, it was male and loud.” Never point a gun at someone and always check the chamber.” So I reluctantly put the gun down and checked the chamber, I almost threw up. There was a bullet in the chamber. Had I pulled the trigger that little girl would have died. Apparently coyotes were bad at that farm and they felt it was easier to shoot coyotes if they did not have to load the gun. What idiots!

    The next time was about 2008 and I woke from sleep but heard my daughters voice clearly saying, “Mom, I was fired today” It was about 5 AM and she lived about 10 hours away, I sent her an e-mail telling her that no matter what happened in her life, she could always come home and bring her children with her. She thought I was being very strange, I did not mention the firing, but about two months later, I did get that exact phone call from her. So I think some people do hear voices, it is just to what degree is their mental stability. Anyway, just my little contribution to your research.

  4. Oops, sorry, just realized you want to know about voices from people who have passed on, well the first voice I heard when I was twelve, I have no idea who it was, could have been anyone, but the next time it was my daughters voice and she is alive, so that has no bearing on your research. Sorry, next time I will pay more attention.

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